Day 5

Day 5: Coffee

I struggled with this one. I don’t drink coffee so the first thing that came to mind with this prompt is growing mushrooms on coffee grounds. I don’t have coffee grounds to photograph, or mushrooms for that matter.  So I figured that, since this is my photo challenge (and I rarely am successful at following rules), I will post someone else’s photo. This is from a place called  Trophoscapes – (photo on imgur ). To me this photo represents a goal for this year. I want to grow some different kinds of mushrooms. I am enamored of oyster mushrooms (this photo is of pearl oyster mycelium growing on coffee grounds).


Day 4

Day 4: Upside Down

Growing up, growing down? I found this little gem growing on the underside of a old hickory limb in my dad’s yard, having a party with the lichen and moss.

Day 3

Day 3: “Your first thought in the morning.”

I struggled with this one a bit. Usually my first thought in the morning is just ‘5 more minutes’. Often times I wake up (am woken up) by thoughts of what the cats are doing- are they in? Do they want out? What are they knocking off/playing with/into? This photo reflects my hope for the cats first thing in the morning- quiet and not naughty.

Day 1

The first day of 2016- a new beginning. Also the first day of the Leap Year Photo Challenge offered here on Facebook-

Day 1:

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”


Out of our dry, spent leaves comes the green promise of life.

A new breath, a new year

Coming to the close of 2015 I feel drained, overworked and stretched too thin. I don’t enjoy these states but I understand that growth requires sacrifice, frustration, perseverance, hard work, hard work and more hard work and a smidgen of just plain letting go.

Feeling drained and stretched must be a good thing- a thing for which gratitude is owed. I have work enough to do and am blessed to have this work. I have done my share of complaining. It’s a coping technique but it drains the gratitude account.

We have focused on gratitude this year. I have tried to capture the moments and experiences that demand thankfulness but most often go unnoticed and point them out to my children. In my exuberance to awaken their sense of gratitude, I probably have neglected my own abundance. We will continue to embrace the concept of gratitude into this new year (and hopefully on forever).

A whole new world has opened to me and challenged my perceptions and abilities and completely sucked me in. I have also let go of (or let slide) things that have been important to me. 2016 will, of necessity, have to be a year of learning and establishing balance. Ah, Balancea most illusive concept to me.