Moss and Alphabet Challenge

I thought I would give The Alphabet Challenge a try and see what I could come up with for Alphabet. After looking around for interesting letters and such, I decided to go more introspective.

This is a tray of moss that I will nurture for a while and then, when the weather warms up a bit, transplant it where I would like it to happily grow in my yard.

I used it to make a simple letter to complete my name- all representing important aspects in my life right now.

003 008 001 004

K  with the lab utensils that I used doing research last semester (and will this semester) on Ganoderma sessile vs. various bacteria.

r  with the moss I collected today.

i  with a small dumb bell for the work outs to come this year.

s  with an (one of the many) unfinished crochet project that I hope to do something with this year.

There are an overwhelming amount of entries this week over at The Photo Challenge at the Daily Post. It’s worth a browse.



One thought on “Moss and Alphabet Challenge

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